Do you often find it difficult to secure a model for your shoot, or find it pretty pricey? You’re doing it all wrong – you could be working with agency models quickly and easily – for free!

If you think that this sounds like the perfect strategy for you, but are unsure how or where to start, this ebook will help you put your right foot forward and start securing your models for free today.

By following a series of simple steps not only will you increase your Instagram following, but you’ll also be networking with fellow photographers and modeling agencies and shooting models that are going to look awesome in your portfolio, generating opportunities for future work without blowing the bank.

Learn the best ways to approach models on Instagram, how to interact with their feed, how to build a meaningful relationship and how to turn that relationship into a business opportunity that will benefit both of you, without splashing out a heap of cash.

Let us guide you through the process and you’ll be the hottest new name on the block before you know it, working with your dream models and producing some kick-ass content for your portfolio.

Download “How to Work With Models For Free” to will learn how Brian works with top models without ever paying! Brian has literally never paid a model for a portfolio shoot!

How? By utilising Instagram as a tool to discover new faces, build relationships with the model by engaging with their feed, and staying in touch when you have a shoot that you think they would be the perfect fit for.

We’ll give you insight into what to expect on the day if it’s your first professional shoot, how to continue communicating with your model after working together, and much, much more!

Table of Contents:

  1. Never heard of Instagram?
  2. Setting up your Instagram account like a pro photographer
  3. Buying followers vs. growing organically
  4. What photos to share
  5. How to reach the right audience
  6. Getting your photos featured to increase your exposure
  7. How to get your content out there
  8. How to go viral with your posts
  9. How to get models for free
  10. Pre-shoot communication
  11. The day of the shoot
  12. Post-shoot communication

For just £7.99, download the e-book today and let us help you take your portfolio to the next level in just a matter of weeks!