No two photographers are the same and workshops shouldn’t be either…

Because no two photographers are the same each 1 to 1 Photography Workshop is personalised to allow Brian to provide relevant and focused coaching in the areas you struggle most.

Brian’s informal and relaxed approach to teaching allows you to challenge yourself to step out of your creative comfort zone and try new approaches to your photography in a no pressure environment.

Prior to a private photography workshop, Brian will typically discuss with you:

1. What you are hoping to learn during the workshop.
2. Any challenges you are currently experiencing as a photographer.
3. Your goals as a photographer. Are you a hobby photographer, professional or somewhere in between.
4. You current and desired style of photography.

Using this information Brian will cast a model that best represents your goals for the workshop and overall as a photographer.

At the end of the 1 to 1 Photography Workshop, you will have captured amazing images that take your portfolio to the next level all while learning practical techniques used by professional photographers that you can incorporate into your future photo shoots.

Here are some standard topics covered at workshops…

DIRECTING MODELS: Learn verbal and non-verbal techniques that can be used to capture movement, build expressions, tell a story and most of all keep the relationship between you and the model fun and relaxed. If you want your looks to seem natural and less posed you will learn invaluable techniques on how to interact with models during this part of the session.

STYLING AND ART DIRECTION: Discuss whether you should create a mood board, what wardrobe Brian asks every model to bring to shoots and how to style interesting non-cliche looks.

FINDING YOUR STYLE: Discuss how you can develop your own unique style, why it’s important to create a unified “look” across your portfolio and how can you create a mood in your photos.

SHOOTING ON LOCATION: Learn how to pick a location, what makes locations interesting to look at, what equipment to select, choosing your lighting and composition considerations for your style photography.

POST PRODUCTION: During the final hour of the workshop we will use this opportunity to debrief and discuss how the shoot went. Brian will provide any observations he made during the shoot and there will be an opportunity to review the images captured. Review of the images may include discussing colour correction, cropping and image selection.



VENTH Studios, Cannon Street Road, E1 0BH


£250 – Price includes instructor, model and location.


Photographers should bring their camera and assorted lenses, memory cards or rolls of your preferred film, a laptop for post production and something to take notes with.