When I first got started in photography I used to shoot a lot of prop based things. After a while I realised that I was doing so as a crutch because I didn’t know how to make a photo interesting without something obvious going on, I was missing the subtlety of story telling. I hadn’t developed the ability to notice how to find the right moment, I was hadn’t started to realise that how the subtlety of human expression could come into play.

So I challenged myself, I stopped using props, fancy locations and styling and forced myself to be more raw. This experience was terrifying as it required me to be more honest about everything with myself and the person that I was working with. I had to open myself up to them in order to get them to open up to me as well. But this is what real art is really about. Think about the singer that gets up on stage in form of thousands of people and sings their heart out, reciting lyrics about a painful break up or their mother passing away. That is the stuff that connects with people.

Over the past few months I have been realising that I have to a degree acquired the skills that I was looking for and I am once again discovering my love for props and locations. I am starting to really enjoy adding them back into my work as they really do add another dimension to it.

Shot on Ilford 400 B&W 35mm film
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