This is the first look that I shot with Cristy. She had brought along a dope vintage Van Halen tshirt and had these killer rock star boots so the styling was a no brainer.

The concept behind the look was someone at home with music blasting their favourite tunes (in this case imagine Jump by Van Halen to keep it topical) while singing at the top of their lungs into a hairbrush microphone (don’t pretend to be cool, we’ve all done it).

From a technical perspective this kind of concept can work really well when directing models as handing them a prop and giving them a rough outline of what to do with can really help get the shoot kicking off fast. This technique works exceptionally well with nervous first timers as it distracts then from trying to “pose.” It gives them some natural things to start doing immediately which presents you with a lot more opportunities to take shots without having to fall into the trap of over directing them and causing them to get even more nervous.

Obviously in this case Cristy is a super experienced model, but adding a prop in this case can really help tell a story as well and it can also work to distract a very experienced model from over posing if you are looking for a more relaxed and natural vibe in your shots.

Shot on AGFA ISO 400 35mm film
Instagram | @cristygarces