As a photographer we all have a go to crop. Some of us love to shoot pulled right back showing the full person and a lot of the setting of the shot, this tends to show more story or context. This type of crop will make the subject a feature of the photo rather than the only point.

Others will show the full person a little tighter which has a little less of the setting. This makes the person a little more central to the point of the image.

Others will crop at 3/4 length which makes the setting a lot less relevant and really focuses on show casing the models pose / styling.

Others will crop tighter still making a portrait of their face or a part of their body.

Each of these crops creates a different feel to a photo and each has their place. Look at your own portfolio and see what type of shots you tend to favour.

I highly encourage you on your next shoot to start with the opposite of how you would normally frame a shot in order to get some deferent options, you will find that as you shoot you will naturally change to your usual preferred crop.

Also try to consider when framing a shot what story you are trying to tell or what the image will be used for, is it to showcase the model or do you need to set a scene or leave space for text. Remember variety is the spice of life!

Shot on 35mm AGFA 400 using natural light on the second floor at VENTH studios London (bookable for your shoots too!)

Instagram | @itspaulaalmeida