Just one person with a camera shooting a model on location can draw quite a lot of unwanted attention… Now imagine how much attention you might get if you had two models making out in front of a church wearing not much in the way of clothing while I took photos of them!

Oddly it actually wasn’t too bad, the fact that both of my models were amazingly chill and just either ignored people or exchanged some amusing banter made it all quite fun. And this is only for the people that noticed what was going on. It might sound strange but I am actually pretty skilled at shooting on locations in a way where not many people notice it is happening.

If you are shooting on location I highly recommend that you make yourself as low key as possible. Make your camera as small as possible, yep leave that battery grip and 70 – 200mm lens at home and don’t even think about that off amazing softbox you just brought. As soon as you create a big scene with insane amounts of gear people will be drawn to it, they will wonder if the person you are shooting is famous etc. The other thing to remember is if there is a slightly less “cool” spot around the corner that is more sheltered or secluded then maybe shoot there instead of in front of a HUGE crowd of people.

The biggest take home for shooting on location is don’t make a huge scene and get in and get out especially if you are shooting stuff that will draw a crowd (hint even shooting a kids tracksuit campaign draws a crowd and it only gets worse from there) then make sure you get in and get out as quickly as possible, make your gear as minimal as possible and try to handle any onlookers in a fun and diplomatic manner (remember they have a right to be there so don’t be an asshole to them, but they also don’t have a right to be rude to you or your models so don’t too much shit either).

Shot on 35mm Expired Fuji Superia 400 ISO
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