Well Friday has rolled around again and while you’re doing your hair, picking your outfit and sipping those pre-drinks take a minute to remind yourself to not be an asshole out there tonight ladies & gents… If she’s wearing a short skirt it is indeed an invitation to look but don’t touch (without asking) and if you let him buy you a drink at least talk to him for a few minutes… One of the reasons I styled this outfit the way that I did is because when I found this t-shirt in Kelly’s boyfriend’s wardrobe that read “remember my name because you’ll be screaming it later” I was reminded that a guy wearing this would be seen as maybe a bit chavish but it would be received as a joke, whereas a woman wearing this would by many people be seen as a “she was asking for it” interpretation… Don’t forget that both sexes are entitled to tongue in cheek humour and ALWAYS remember just because someone may indeed be looking for someone to go home with it doesn’t mean that it’s you, so play your cards a little smoother and who knows. That’s my 2 cents, aside from that get out there, drink up, rub against each other and enjoy your weekend in any way you see fit!
She is Kelly shot on 35mm film in her bathroom in Sydney.
The concept of the shoot was that the shirt is the statement and paired with a super short skirt & CFM boots to really sell the point. She is getting ready to go out and mingle, but in many ways the slogan says what many men see when a woman wears revealing clothing rather than just a woman that is clearly confident and still 100% deserving of your respect.
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