Twitter is an amazing promotional tool for your work, but unless you let your target audience know that you’re actually there, you’ll never get the attention your content deserves! We know how hard it can be to build a social following, especially when starting out on a new platform, but I know how you can easily grow your Twitter following! I started with 0 followers in 2015 and now have a following of over 23k each on the @askVENTH and @BrianVENTH Twitter accounts and following this simple advice you can do the same!

In this article I will share the secret sauce in how I did it!

What’s the big deal about gaining followers?

Increasing your following on social media is seen by some as a popularity contest that has no real impact in the real world but (rightly or wrongly) here is the truth, a larger number of followers serves as a form of validation as to the quality of your business! It might sound stupid, but people will always look to others for reassurance that they are making a good choice and if you have 10 people on your follower list you will not look as validated as someone that has 10K, if you are honest with yourself you do the same thing!

Apart from validation, increasing your follower count on Twitter is an extremely effective method of increasing awareness of you and your brand and driving traffic to your portfolio or website, where you can advertise your products and services directly to your target demographic. The more followers you can attract the more people that will not only be introducing to your work, but also the more people that are likely to see every new update that you post. This means you’re that it’s many times more likely that you’ll be hired for a job, sell a print, or collaborate with a brand.

I am not by any means advocating that you run out and buy fake followers, that is totally pointless! While it may on the surface help to an extent to make you look like a more validated business, users of twitter are not stupid and will be able to tell that you don’t have real followers, these fake followers are also not going to interact with your content, care about your products and services or tell their friends about you in real life. In essence they are an utter waster of money, especially considering that you can grow a targeted audience of people that actually care about you with just a small amount of effort!

So how do you get started?

Deliver high quality content

The most important factor in attracting and retaining followers and potential customers when building your audience (on any social media platform) is to create and deliver high quality content that they’re actually going to be interested in. It’s all well and good churning out content, but if it’s of poor quality or not of any value to your intended audience then people won’t follow you as they just won’t care enough to want to. So make sure that you understand who your target customers are, what content they will be most interested in seeing and start producing content with that audience in mind. This is the ONLY way you’ll build and audience that love what you do and more important keep them interested!

But before you can dazzle your new audience with your amazing content you have to find them AND get their attention!

How to grow you Twitter following… aka The secret sauce

The best way to find followers that are going to be interested in what you do is by tapping into an already established follower base of a user in your field. This is similar to handing out flyers in areas where you would expect to find your target audience. If you were a musician you would hand out flyers at gig venues or music stores, so what’s the Twitter equivalent?

Go to a Twitter account with a large following whose followers would also be interested in you (look for followers of 10K or more). Not sure what accounts to use? Remember how I mentioned you have to understand who your customers are? If you understand what they are into to then this should be obvious! What clothes for they wear? Where do they eat? What movies or TV shows do they watch? What stores or brands do they like? The answers to questions like these will tell you what twitter accounts to look into, also look into your competitors, they have done all the hard work and already found your audience for you! If you do this part right (and your content is actually of good quality) then a large percentage of people that follow these accounts may be interested in you too!

Now here comes the part where we get their attention, all you need to do is follow 200 people that follow this popular account. Each person that you follow will get a notification that someone has followed them, a large percentage of them will come to your profile to see who you are and some of them will follow you back. Pretty easy right? I hear what you are thinking, what about all of the accounts that don’t follow you back? Easy, after 5 days if they haven’t followed you back, go through and unfollow those accounts as they clearly haven’t found you of interest. Your follower count will start to increase surprisingly fast. Of course this whole time you should be remembering to be putting out high quality content, so that when these users receive the notification of a new follower, they’ll click through to your profile and be able to see all the awesome work you’re doing!

The real secret sauce after you have some attention is to interact! You have now followed 200 people today that might be interested in your content so it stands to reason that you will probably share interests, so go and like, retweet and reply to their content too! Now that is the real secret to growing you social network the fastest, get attention and start conversations! It is after all “social” media.


In order to protect users against SPAM Twitter has rules about how many people that you can follow and unfollow and at the time of writing this method is well within their community guidelines, many people have success following more than 200 accounts per day however I recommend playing it safe by following fewer accounts and spending a little longer on interactions instead of follows as when your account is smaller there is always a chance that Twitter will mark you as SPAM if you use this technique too aggressively.

It is important to ensure that you are not regularly following and unfollowing the same people or unfollowing the people any sooner than 3-5 days after following them as this is not only annoying it is likely to get you in trouble with Twitter. So how are you going to find the time to find and follow 200 accounts every single day and on top of that remember when you followed which one etc?!

Enter  ManageFlitter and Tweepi these sites work with Twitter and make the process as simple and quick as possible. There are other services out there but these two services have been around the longest and constantly evolve to comply with Twitters rules in order to make it possible to use this method in relative safety without making you look like a spambot and getting your accounts blocked. 

Both have free trial versions however there are some key features that are reserved for paid memberships. Most notably is that both require a paid membership to ensure that you don’t unfollow people that you have followed recently.


ManageFlitter’s free account provides similar follow and unfollow options to Tweepi, but allows you to execute these tasks much more quickly. The new upgraded version has a brilliant feature that lets you select multiple accounts that might not be following you back and with one click you can unfollow them all in one block. It also provides features that allow you to sort the accounts that you’re following by the most/least talkative, their level of influence, the order that you followed them in, and whether it’s actually just a fake spam account. Perfect for filtering out the real people from the spam accounts!

grow your Twitter following


  • Simple to use and quicker than Tweepi, and can unfollow in bulk with one click.
  • Prevents your account being marked as spam.
  • You can unfollow up to 100 people per day, but you can ‘unlock’ a higher unfollow capacity for free by following ManageFlitter on Twitter, subscribing to their newsletter, inviting friends to use the site or by tweeting about the platform.
  • The free account is great for growing and cleaning up your account, but again there are two upgrade options should you have the budget for it, or are looking to use the platform on a larger scale.
  • Premium accounts provide access to analytics and reporting, tracking engagement figures and many more business features.
  • Offers a remote account management feature unlike similar services.
  • Analyses your tweets and suggest the best time of day to post.
  • Business membership allows you to schedule posts so that you don’t need an additional service, it will also suggest content for you! Learn more about these awesome features here
  • The ability to have the ManageFlitter team do the heavy lifting for you! One the Business plan you even get 10,000 follow or unfollows per month included! So you can literally get this process going on auto pilot!


  • Can sometimes take a while when initially loading your account.
  • Further analytics tools are only available to premium users.
  • Doesn’t keep a track of users that you’ve previously followed like Tweepi does.

grow your Twitter followers


Simple and straightforward to use and handy for when you’re first starting out, you can set up a free account with Tweepi which allows you to bulk follow and unfollow Twitter users, by filtering the followers of your favourite account with specific criteria, such as the last time they tweeted, the amount of followers they have, their location, and so on.

grow your twitter following


  • Allows you to follow users by filtered criteria simply and quickly.
  • Allows you to follow users on a list – great if your favourite photographer or blogger and they’ve put together a list of inspirational users who you can follow all in one go!
  • Upgrading to a subscription-based paid account unlocks access to premium features, such as unfollowing inactive users that haven’t tweeted in some time, users without a bio or unfollow users with an egg avatar on their profile, all of which suggest that you might be following fake accounts.
  • As a premium user you even have the ability to force users to unfollow you should you need to (even you Mum).

grow your twitter following


  • Not the quickest service out there – ManageFlitter is much faster.
  • Can only unfollow 100 users per day (with a free account).
  • Has some trouble handling larger accounts so accounts have known to be blocked temporarily by Twitter, holding up the process.

Because of Twitter’s new rules, you can only follow up to 250 and unfollow 100 users per day through Tweepi, and you cannot unfollow an account within 3-5 days of first following them. With this in mind when you’re first starting out it’s important to keep track of which accounts you have followed to get a good mix of users and increase your chances of getting some good follow-backs.

Which is best for you?

Either service you choose will be crucial to increasing your following as effectively as possible, and you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t started earlier when you start to reap the rewards as your follower count and engagement with your content increases. When you first start out, we’d highly recommend paying for an upgraded account to protect your Twitter account from being blocked or reported as spam, and to keep it until your account has gained at least 5000-10,000 followers (the Twitter algorithm seems to be a little more lenient the higher your follower count).

With this in mind, we’d recommend swaying towards ManageFlitter, at just $12 a month for one account it is a little cheaper than Tweepi‘s equivalent plan and you can have up to 5 accounts on ManageFlitter for just $24 where Tweepi will make you pay for each account individually.

Not only is ManageFlitter the cheaper option, but it’s premium features are well worth the money! There is a bulk follow and a bulk unfollow button on the premium accounts which Tweepi does not have and believe me this saves you so much time, you can just put in the filters to not unfollow anyone you followed in the last 5 days then one click and it’s done, whereas with Tweepi you will be clicking on each account individually. Also With a premium ManageFlitter account you’ll have access to more advanced filters to keep you from following undesirable accounts, analytics tracking / reporting and more.

Take it from us, this method is foolproof – and the results are instant. Just remember to keep putting out high quality content and engaging with your new followers and you can’t go wrong, plus you’ve expanded your audience to people you didn’t know you could reach before!

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