You will notice in this video that there is a time lapse of me shooting a look with Amy that there are no shots of in the completed sets. That is no accident, those shoots were just not up to my standard. There didn’t really seem to be any kind of point to them from either an aesthetic or artistic perspective so I made the decision to just not use them. They will never see the light of day.

In fact I have actually deleted them.

That sentence must send chills down some photographers’ spines, however there is no way that I will EVER want to release them. The concept just didn’t work!

So many people seem to waste time trying to salvage a look or even a whole shoot that didn’t work, but we all know what happens here. You are embarrassed to share them so you start making excuses to the team you worked with when they ask to see them or how long until they will be ready and hope they go away. The funny thing is eventually they will go away but you are giving photographers like myself a bad name!

Sometimes I unfortunately am too busy to get through everything in a “timely” fashion. I try my best but we all have to prioritise and let’s face it no matter how dope it is an unpaid test will go to the bottom of the pile in order to do something that will pay the bills.

What I recommend you do from now on is the same thing as I do, be 100% honest. If you are busy say you are, if the photos suck then tell them they suck. They will be less mad if you are honest and know that they shouldn’t be waiting for something that you keep promising to deliver but you know is not coming.

In this industry everyone knows everyone, so while you are making excuses they are telling anyone that asks them about you that you are “really busy” so don’t expect to see images for 6 months… Not ideal if this is not true… Honesty is the best policy, with yourself and the people you work with. Period.